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Привет всем.

Could someone please help me understand the use of которой in the following sentence. Which case is it in and why isn't It in the nominative plural to after with власти? Many thanks!

До этого экс-глава Каталонии не рисковал путешествовать в Франции, власти которой тесно сотрудничают с испанскими.
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    "Которой" is fem. sg. gen. here.
    ~"of which" (i.e., France).

    On a sidenote, "в Франции" sounds weird. It should be rather "во Франции". Moreover, "путешествовать в Франции" is also unusual (I'd expect "во Францию", i.e. to France from abroad, or "по Франции", i.e. through different parts of France).


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    I agree with the above opinions :thumbsup:

    And I have one more point to add:
    ..., власти которой тесно сотрудничают с испанскими.
    Did you notice that the sentence ends with an adjective? This adjective plays the role of an attribute to a noun that has been omitted, but can be easily restored:

    ..., власти которой тесно сотрудничают с испанскими властями.

    Pls note this omission is quite in line with the Russian language rules. But English requires to put there something like
    ... with the Spanish ones or ...with their Spanish counterparts.

    Hope this will help
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